Throwback Thursday: Brooklyn Bridge

Today On Second Avenue – the Brooklyn Bridge!

As I previously blogged here and here, in college I loved walking around with my dslr camera and blindly experimenting with different shutter speeds and apertures while shooting in black and white. At the time I had a weak Toshiba laptop that barely served me while writing esoteric college papers, so I didn’t have access to Photoshop or any real photo editing software.


Walk Through Chinatown


Something about Chinatown makes me feel nostalgic about all the time I spent in Passaic, New Jersey. I previously mentioned that I immigrated from Poland. My first eight years in the United States were in immigrant communities, specifically Polish and Latino. While I mainly grew up in suburban Wallington, my grandparents lived in Passaic, a city that previously housed a large Polish population.

The markets had their own rhythm and language separate from the surrounding American landscape. I specifically think back to the weekends my grandmother took me to the shops on Main Street that closely resembled some of the ones found in these pictures.