Morning after the East Village Explosion


Streets are still barricaded on second avenue the following morning after the East Village Explosion on March 26th, 2015. The following are photographs I took with or found on the internet. A member of NYPD told a local East Village resident that the streets will hopefully be open tomorrow.




East Village Explosion and Fire On Second Avenue

Tragedy on second avenue today. East Village Explosion.

The following photos are of the fire that resulted from the gas explosion and building collapse at 125 2nd Avenue  and E7th Street in the East Village.

Closer views and video available on CNN. Incredible photos on The New York Times.

Large crowds of people stood along Second Avenue and watched in horror as flames engulfed three buildings. Strangers shared photographs they received from friends, of closer angles that were not available on the internet yet. The woman next to me looked at a photograph of the buildings with fire pouring from every window with her jaw dropped. “This is my friend’s apartment.”

I welcome everyone to watch this video. Troy Hinson started recording shortly after the East Village explosion. He captured regular folks helping one another, including a man who climbed up the fire escape to check every floor as the building started to catch on fire.


The smoke quickly increased and dominated the sky. NYPD and FDNY shut down Second Avenue and pedestrians respectfully complied when asked to move. NYPD taped off 5th Street 15-20 minutes after I started taking photographs.

Three buildings collapsed after a gas explosion and fire on second avenue in the #eastvillage. Literally hits close to home

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Aerial footage of the East Village Explosion and subsequent fires of four buildings

I live three blocks away and I can check on the status of the fire by sticking my head out my window. The FDNY are still working to knock down the remainders of the buildings with pressurized water at midnight. The sirens are still at large. This photograph by Chad Rachman of the East Village fire is jaw-dropping.

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The smoldering remainders of the East Village Explosion

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Throwback Thursday: Brooklyn Bridge

Today On Second Avenue – the Brooklyn Bridge!

As I previously blogged here and here, in college I loved walking around with my dslr camera and blindly experimenting with different shutter speeds and apertures while shooting in black and white. At the time I had a weak Toshiba laptop that barely served me while writing esoteric college papers, so I didn’t have access to Photoshop or any real photo editing software.